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Welcome to the mail order shop. Below you will find a small selection of releases related to Still Light, available for purchase directly. TO ORDER: Please email stilllightrecords(AT)gmail(DOT)com with availability inquiries, shipping information, other questions, or comments.


Still Light – Lything 33″ 180 gram vinyl LP

As 2009 was drawing to a close, critics were falling over themselves to include an album in their “end of the year” lists which had been printed in the ridiculously tiny print run of 50 copies: still light’s lything was a hideaway in sepia colours, a private world of heartbroken guitars, light-filled drones, ancient whispers and echoes of folk, country, progrock and ambient. Firmly rooted in the world of song, these at first simple structures would sometimes branch out into soundscape-territory within the blink of an eye, while always retaining their melancholic melodic charm. So warm and organic was this combination that many were led to believe it had to have been written and recorded by the three musicians in the same room.

As it turned out, however, lything was the result of a long-distance partnership between edinburgh-based singer/songwriter lucy hague, colorado’s kirill nikolai and london-based artist sand snowman, known from his psychedelic folk suites on tonefloat. By freely passing around ideas, concepts and files, the album slowly attained its cinematic beauty through a process of gradual refinement.

Lything is out on tonefloat’s c imprint on black 180grams vinyl in handmade sleeve with lacquered and stamped insert.”

SOLD OUT (currently available only through tonefloat records:


Kirill Nikolai & Colin Treiber “Three Studies Of October” & “The Cemetery For Mt. Vernon In Spring” EPs

Double 3″ CD-R set in limited edition variety of handmade cloth pouches from Reverb Worship (

“Impromptu psychedelic fingerstyle acoustic guitar excursions captured in the raw. In part inspired by John Fahey’s brilliant sense of collage, the music stands as a brief document of mood, time, and place, as captured by the dialogue of two unrehearsed guitars. Limited edition of 50.”

Review at Fluid Radio:





































$10.00 + shipping (inquire at stilllightrecords(AT)gmail(DOT)com for availability and shipping rates)


Will Klingenmeier & Tim Dickson “A Cluster of Stars” Cassette. By Sonic Oyster Records (

“Beautiful limited cassette edition, a singular minimal psychedelic guitar and piano session captured on warm tape. Highly recommended.”

$8.00 + shipping (inquire at stilllightrecords(AT)gmail(DOT)com for availability and shipping rates)


Orbit Service “A Calm Note From The West” CD

by Beta-lactam Ring Records

“Service’s return orbit finds them in an acid folk state of mind. They softly churn out cosmic tones that bore directly into the right brain, eliciting a bright reign of psychedelic sprites. Their mystical leanings steer them close to the likes of Sol Invictus, but OS zigs where neo folk zags, giving them a sonic momentum that leads to a much outer part of outer space. This beautifully crafted set smells like moist earth covered in leaves. Orbit Service’s mining of ever deeper moods has yielded a subtle treasure that glows like distant sun.”

The album includes contributions from Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots), Kim G. Hansen (antenne), & Anna Brønsted (our broken garden/efterklang), and Kirill Nikolai (Still Light) among others.









$13.00 + shipping

Get this and other fine Orbit Service releases directly from the label at:



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