Sole Twisted Heir

Sole Twisted Heir

A triptych of avant-garde films by Denver based artist Donald Maestas can be viewed at the mini-site Sole Twisted Heir. The work was influenced by Rosarium, and tells a tale of it’s own set to tracks “Processional Pt. I”, “The Cross of Snow”, & “Rosary”. Although the films were created as standalone works to accompany the music, their source material comes from a triptych of original artworks done with pastel crayons by Donald Maestas. His obsessively refined, minimal, yet immediately intimate style felt undeniably appropriate in the context of this collaboration. The interplay of the art, films, and music together was purposefully intended to illuminate the subtle oddities and uncanny natures of the independent parts.

With much gratitude to Allamar Design for creating a site that bridges these works into an experience of it’s own. Also to Daniel Crossley for his hauntingly beautiful photography.



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